Accept crypto, get paid in EUR

Receive funds directly to your bank account

  • No setup fee, no contracts
  • Pay 1% only when you get paid
Rubber duckAn example of an invoice for a product or service

How it works

InvoiceWe display invoice for your costumers
InvoiceThey pay invoice by any crytocurrencies
InvoiceWe convert Crypto to EURO
InvoiceYou get payment to bank immediately

Get all benefits of crypto payments

InstantCryptocurrencies are instantly exchanged for Fiat and transferred to your bank account.
InternationalYour payments is borderless and covers all the world. Make cross-border payments to your contractors and partners
IndependentYou are independent of banks or payment systems rules, your account and funds are under your complete control
UnlimitedNo one sets you limits on the size, volume or amount of the transaction
Volatility freeCourse fixation and conversion to stable crypto coin remove any price volatility that have traditional crypto
No chargebackYour client cannot cancel the transaction as in centralized payment systems

Competitive with other payment methods

Cost of using

Point of Sale4%
Payment systems3%
Yomer crypto processing1%

Risk of fraud

Point of Sale3%
Payment systems1%
Yomer crypto processingNo risk

Is it fit for me?

Online storesLanding pagesPaid subscriptionsGamingGambling
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RestaurantsCafeBarsBarbershopsClothing brands
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You’re conneted with another crypto-business
KYC providersSale of video cardsOrganization of cryptocurrency events
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Charitable foundationsBloggersStreamers
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Private payments
If your client has income in cryptocurrency, you can offer him to pay with crypto, and receive EUR in a bank account. So the client will save time and money on the exchange.
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Did’t find your case?
If your client has income in cryptocurrency, you can offer him to pay with crypto, and receive EUR in a bank account. So the client will save time and money on the exchange.


Simple integration in your business

Open API
Yomer Rest API let you integrate invoicing, account and transactions at the way you need it in your service. Learn more on
Payment Processing
With our solution you can build payment systems for your customers inside your commerce, game or gambling platform
1%Per transactionNo setup fee, no contracts. Pay only when you get paid
E-commerce Module
We will help you to integrate crypto payment in one of popular e-commerce cms: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and others
We are always ready to help you to integrate payment crypto processing to your business platform or develop a special use case for you

Web application features

How can I work with Yomer?

Let’s try our features right now. It’s free!

SignUp and start accept crypto

After registration you can make invoices, accept donates, sne crypto to emails, deposit and withdraw, use our API.

1. Send request to integration

We work with Java, Kotlin, PHP, Node JS and Python servers and integrate modules for Opencart, Shopify, WooCommerce.

2. We connect with you in 7 hours.

We don’t need access to your code. We give simple and clear solution, set up API, adwise on laws and taxes.

We’ll do all work. Free. In few days.
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Who’s already accept cryptocurrencies?

There are guys with crypto who are willing to spend it, but do not exchange fiat. If you give them the opportunity to pay with crypto, they will spend it with you because of this, Amazon, Microsoft and Sony accept crypto

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